Why You Should Consider a Second Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is such a special moment for you and your partner. It’s often a once in a lifetime occasion and something you’ll remember forever. This makes the decision of finding a wedding photographer one of the most important ones that you make for your wedding day. One thing you should also consider though is if you should have a second photographer for your wedding or not. While not every wedding needs a second photographer there are so many benefits of having one. That’s why I think everyone should consider it when planning a wedding. Let’s dive into why! 

What is a second photographer?

A second photographer is an additional photographer that I would hire to work with me on your wedding day.  A second photographer’s primary job is to be where I can’t be throughout your wedding. They’ll also grab additional angles and images of events throughout your wedding day while I focus on the main events that occur.

Why You Should Consider Having a Second Photographer

An Extra Set of Eyes is Always a Benefit

An extra set of eyes working with me on the wedding day is incredibly helpful.  My second photographers know to look for things like crooked ties, people that are out of place and other smaller things. Things that I might not be able to notice when directing larger group photos or smaller parts of your wedding day.  My second photographer is there to carry your bouquet when your hand needs a break. They check out the ceremony and reception space prior to us entering and are able to let me know if things are going on time and look good as we move into the next part of your day.

If You Want Getting Ready Photos for Both Groups

Getting ready photos are arguably some of the most important parts of your day to document outside of the ceremony itself.  The getting ready portion of your wedding day is when you get to spend quality time with the people that mean the most to you before things get crazy.  If you and your partner want to get ready at different locations, you’re more than likely going to want to hire a second photographer.  Your second photographer will spend time with either you or your partner throughout the morning while I am with the other partner.  

We will both document your mornings simultaneously before meeting up for your first look or ceremony. Having a second photographer is huge for things like getting ready photos as it frees up your morning and gives you so much more flexibility for the rest of your wedding day. With only one photographer I’d have to commute between both groups for their getting ready photos. This either takes up a good chunk of time, or we end up having to skip out on one group’s photos entirely.

If You’re Big on Family

If the guests on your guest list are who you really want to see in your wedding album, you’re definitely going to want to hire a second photographer.  While I have my cameras focused on you and your partner throughout the main events of the day, my second photographer has their camera facing the opposite way capturing the reactions of your friends and family.  Without a second photographer, it would be impossible to document both sides of your wedding day story.

Along with guest and family reactions, on your wedding day, there are a lot of moments with friends and family that you won’t be present for.  Small interactions or greetings amongst family and friends, moments like these are things you might not be a part of on your wedding day. With a second photographer you’ll be able to see these moments second hand adding more context to your wedding day.

More Pictures

Though this one might be a given in anyone’s mind, when you hire a second photographer for your wedding day, you end up with more pictures!  Outside of the general more is good mind set, having a second photographer and thus more pictures ultimately ends up delivering a more detailed picture of your wedding day.  Rather than just documenting exactly what is happening throughout your day, with a second photographer I am able to go one step farther and document other things. Things like feelings, emotions and excitement other than yours that might otherwise be left undocumented without a second photographer.  

My second photographer knows to look for things like feelings, emotions and details in action on your wedding day.  Rather than just documenting your ceremony from the traditional forward position, they may document your ceremony shooting through the crowd.  They may capture moments like your parents holding hands as you walk down the aisle.  They may document the way your bartender pours your signature cocktail.  Moments like these would be physically impossible for me to capture while also documenting the important moments that you are directly experiencing throughout the day.

How does the booking process work?

When you book a second photographer for your wedding day, there is an additional fee that is added onto your package.  After you sign your contract that includes your second photographer in your wedding day package leave the rest to me. About 9 months out from your wedding day I will begin reaching out to photographers I have worked with in the past about having them work for me for your wedding day.  

I make sure to work with photographers that have a style that is similar to my own.  Along with a similar style I always make sure to hire a photographer that has a personality that fits well with your specific wedding day.  This photographer works under my brand and will photograph your wedding day as an extension of me.

After the wedding day, I take their memory cards and back up their photos with the rest of the images that I have taken for your wedding day.  After all of your photos are backed up from both my camera and theirs, I will edit and deliver their photos cohesively with mine and deliver the photos in one seamless gallery.

While not every wedding needs a second photographer, the benefits of having one should make you consider one for your wedding. Even if your wedding is on the smaller side, the variety of moments and emotions you’re able to capture with a second photographer make it worth it! For some examples of my work check out my Instagram page. And if you’re looking to book me for your wedding head over to my contact page here and we can start your planning process together and discuss if you should have a second photographer for your wedding.

May 26, 2022

Sreeja Ankam

Written By: