Why You Should Print Your Photos

In the digital age that we are currently living in, we are doing and experiencing less and less in person, which is why I have put together a list of my top three reasons why you should print your photos. When you live in a world where you are constantly seeing other people’s lives, through social media, the news, and other media outlets, it can be easy to forget about what’s really important. Photos can serve as a reminder of some of your happiest moments, some of your favorite people, and how much you love the life that you’re living. That is one of the many reasons why printing your photos and having them throughout your home and other areas in your life is SO important.

Why You Should Print Your Digital Images

Photos Were Not Meant to Live on Screens

Photos were meant to be enjoyed, looked at, loved, cherished, and shared with friends and family.  They were meant to document time and space in a way that elicits feelings, and emotions that can be shared with the ones you love.  That is why photos MUST live beyond a phone screen, and why it is SO important to print your photos.

You’ve Made an Investment, Now’s the Time to Enjoy Them!

You made the investment to hire a photographer to document your day.  How often will you really look through your photos when they’re just on your phone or laptop beneath every photo you take past that day?  Printing out your photos to hang up throughout your home or to keep in an album in your home is the best way to remind you of this awesome experience you had, and share that experience with your loved ones.

Physical Copies are the Easiest Way to Share Your Memories

Speaking of sharing them with your loved ones, having printed images in your home is for sure the best way to share your photos and your memories with the people you love.  Though yes, you could pull up old photos from your phone or another device, I believe one of the best experiences you can have in your home is happening upon a memory or a story from finding a photo throughout your home.

How to Print Your Digital Images

Print from Your Online Gallery

When you receive your online gallery with your images from me there is also a shop to order your photos through.  One of the easiest ways to print your images is to order through my shop.  I have tested the print shop that I use and know that the prints come out accurate to my coloring and are high quality!

Print Them Yourself

Online Print shops like Nations Photo Lab and Artifact Uprising also do a decent job with printing, though I cannot guarantee that my photos will look the same on your screen as they do printed by these companies.  If you do plan to print your photos on your own, head into your online gallery and do the following.  Select the photos you would like to print.  Hit the download button, and then be sure to select the High-Resolution Download option.  The high-resolution file will give you the best and clearest results when it comes to printing out your photos.

Order an Album

Whether you’re ordering a wedding album, maternity photos, or a guest book filled with engagement photos for your wedding day, ordering an album filled with your memories is one of the best ways to display your images throughout your home.  Albums are the best way to share stories, reminisce on some of your favorite moments, and share them with loved ones as they come into your home.

When it comes to your photos printing them out and having them on display in your home, or in an album that you’re able to share with your guests makes them an even more special experience than just viewing them through a phone screen. Your photos are a way to capture the most important experiences in your life, and I believe you should be able to relive these moments in the best form possible! Head over to my blog for some wedding day tips and insight, and if you’re in need of a photographer to capture a special moment in your life head to my contact page here.

July 22, 2022

Sreeja Ankam

Written By: