4 Ways to Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day in Chicago

In the Midwest, weather can be unpredictable to say the least. That’s why whether you’re planning an outdoor party, an engagement session or even a wedding, you need to be sure you’re ready. Preparing for a rainy wedding day in Chicago that may or may not happen can seem like a daunting task. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place! Today I am going over my top four tips for preparing for a rainy wedding day in Chicago.

1. Bring Your Umbrellas

Bringing umbrellas to your rainy day wedding give you options when it comes to portraits and wedding party photos. Umbrellas give you the option to get some portraits outside even if the weather isn’t cooperating for your day. They can even add to your experience and make for some fun props for your photos. Some of the more popular options that are great for rainy wedding portraits are these clear umbrellas that can be found on amazon or are constantly being resold on Chicago Wedding Facebook groups.  The ones sold on Facebook groups are often barely used too! 

2. Plan Your Transportation

Even if you just have to walk a few blocks, if the weather calls for rain it could leave you scrambling and late to your ceremony, or worse totally drenched for the rest of the day. Plan how you’re going to get between locations for your wedding day so that no matter what the weather you’ll get where you need to go dry and comfortable. This can be having one of your friends or family chauffeur you, taking an Uber or Lyft, or even public transit. Really any means of transport that will protect you from mother nature and her unpredictability will work. One of the best things about Chicago is there are SO many options for transport that no matter where your wedding is happening you’ll be able to get there on a rainy day!

3. Make Sure Your Venue Has You Covered

While you should hope and plan for your wedding day to have perfect weather that just isn’t always the case. When deciding on your wedding venues be sure to inquire about what sort of measures they have in place in case of some unruly weather. Do they have a heavy-duty tent for you to use? Do they have a separate indoor ceremony or reception space for you? Most Chicago wedding venues are used to the unpredictability of the weather so they should have something in place in case of rain. It’s better to be safe than sorry though so before you book anything be sure to ask!

4. Plan Where You Want Your Portraits Done

Once you have your wedding plans in place, where you’re getting ready, and where your ceremony and reception are, plan into your timeline where and when you’ll be having your wedding portraits done. Have a plan for if the weather is perfect or if it is raining sideways! As mentioned above you can and should pack some umbrellas in case of rain for your Chicago wedding, but if things get really wild outdoors the umbrellas will only do so much. Have a plan for an indoor space where you, your families, and your wedding parties can all gather safe from the elements and still have some incredible group portraits done!

Chicago is an incredible city and one of my favorite places for weddings, even with the Midwest weather giving me rain on my couple’s wedding day more often than I’d like! Through these experiences though I’ve found these strategies to be so helpful and I hope you’re able to incorporate them into your wedding day! Speaking of which, have you found yourselves a photographer for your special day yet? If not, head over to my contact page here so we can set up a call and start planning your wedding day, rain or shine!

August 26, 2022

Sreeja Ankam

Written By: