What Vendors Do You Need When Planning an Elopement

When you think of an elopement you likely think of two people heading to a courthouse to become legally married in private. While that can be the case still, in recent times elopements have become something entirely different and pretty unique! People are creating incredible elopement day experiences centered completely around the couple and their love for one another. With how creative people are getting with their elopements more and more are finding the need for vendors on their elopement day, but which ones? Here’s my breakdown of the vendors you need when planning your elopement and why!

What is an Elopement

First, before we get into the vendors you’ll need as you plan your elopement we first need to find out exactly what an elopement is. What used to be a couple going off in private to get married can now include up to 25 people according to The Knot. Recently people have gotten incredibly creative with their elopement days to create them around their love and experience. Elopements can look like anything now really. Climb to the top of a mountain to elope with just the two of you, head off with your closest friends and family for a weekend getaway at a cute Airbnb, or elope somewhere private just the two of you and meet up with your loved ones at a restaurant after to celebrate. The sky’s the limit now which is what makes elopements so incredible now!

What Vendors do You Need for Planning an Elopement?

With so much flexibility in what an elopement can be that can lead to a lot of different options for the vendors you include on your elopement day. Talk with your partner about the day you both dream of having to figure out the necessary vendors for your day. Here’s a potential list of vendors you can include for your elopement.

A Photographer

First and foremost your primary vendor for your elopement will be your wedding photographer. Your elopement is really a once in a lifetime experience, which is why capturing all the emotion and excitement from your day is SO important. You’ll want to be able to look back on your elopement day years down the road and be able to relive every moment exactly how you experienced it. Another huge bonus of hiring a photographer as your main vendor is they will be able to help guide you through the planning process and let you know recommendations on vendors you might need as well as ones they like.

Your Venue

Depending on the experience you’re hoping to have on your elopement day finding your venue for the elopement can be one of the easier or more difficult vendors to book. If you’re keeping things simple and want to elope in your family’s backyard this will be as easy as inviting them out to breakfast to discuss your plans. If you plan to travel or have your elopement in a national park that’s where you need to start doing some more research on requirements and permits. Wherever you decide to have your elopement look into their requirements for what is needed for on-site ceremonies. And if you plan to elope at your favorite restaurant, call them well ahead of time so that they can plan for it and you can reserve a space if necessary.


One of the best things about eloping is being able to splurge on other vendors such as your wedding florist! Have them create an epic bouquet to carry around on your wedding day or a beautiful table runner for your intimate wedding evening. Though florists are not a necessity, having a wedding bouquet, or floral details throughout your wedding day adds so much beauty to your experience.

Hair and Makeup Artists

Getting ready prior to your elopement day can look like a lot of different things, and a lot of that depends on your plans for the day. Having your hair and makeup done prior to your elopement can be a LIFE SAVER. With having your hair and makeup done professionally, you don’t have to worry about as much the morning of your wedding and your hair and makeup are much more likely to last through any activities you plan to do throughout your day.

If you are planning a sunrise elopement you will want to make sure you mention that to your potential elopement vendors from the get-go. You will more than likely have to wake up extremely early, way before the sun rises to make sure your elopement vendors have enough time to work their magic! If you don’t want to include these vendors, be sure to have a plan for your wedding morning. Test out different makeup and hair techniques in the weeks prior and make sure they last!

Food and Dessert

This one is completely optional and depends entirely on what your plans are for your elopement day. If you plan to have your loved ones gather in your parent’s backyard for your elopement celebration, getting a food truck or two as your food vendor is a really fun option. If you and your partner are planning a more adventurous elopement just the two of you, you might want to pack a picnic to enjoy at your destination! Be realistic about the experience you want and what can be packed or provided in that situation and make sure you eat!

The most important part of your elopement day is creating the experience around you and your love for one another, and your vendors are crucial to helping create that experience. Putting together a team of elopement vendors can really make your elopement day all the better. If you’re looking for a photographer to document your special day, head to my contact page to send me an inquiry!

October 25, 2022

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