Five Tips for Planning a Proposal in Chicago

The time has come, you’re ready to pop the question and propose to the love of your life! This is such a special and important moment in your relationship, so it’s totally normal to be a little stressed out when you start the planning process. That’s why I put this article together to help guide you through the planning process for your Chicago proposal so you can minimize your stress and maximize your joy!

1. Find a Chicago Wedding Photographer for Your Proposal

Why a wedding photographer? Not only can you rely on them being a great photographer for your proposal, but they can be a great starting point for your wedding vendor search after your partner says yes! For a starting point when searching you can check and see if your partner is following any wedding photographers on IG or google search the area that you’re planning to propose at on google images to see what photographers have photographed there.

Pro tip, photographers are awesome humans, especially in the Chicago area, so if you inquire with me while planning and I’m not available for your proposal I will point you in the direction of a photographer that is! Remember to reach out early. When deciding who you want to photograph your proposal, find someone who is experienced in proposal shoots so that you can lean on them to guide you through the process as needed!

2. Think About Lighting

Typically for the best lighting, you’re going to want to plan your proposal close to sunrise or sunset. As far as crowds go, sunset is going to be busier than sunrise, but it might be harder to get your partner out for sunrise without suspicion. You can collaborate with your photographer to consider the location and time of day to get your desired level of intimacy and seclusion as well as good lighting and a picturesque backdrop. The great thing about proposals in Chicago is there are plenty of options and locations that your photographer can help walk you through and decide on when planning.

3. Put Together a Plan

Where do you want to propose? Who would you like to be there? What do you want to do and say? When do you want to do it? How do you want to ask? You’ll want to consider the likings of your partner in answering these questions. Devote the moment to your love. If you feel overwhelmed by all the things to consider, you might be better off not overthinking it. A proposal does not need to be extravagant. Embrace the process of planning the proposal out and lean on your Chicago photographer as needed to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you do these things and dedicate the undertaking to your love, you will likely take pleasure in the moment.

4. Take These Precautions in Order to Not Blow the Surprise

Share your location with your photographer and anyone else involved in your proposal reasonably beforehand. You don’t want to have to be texting anyone or planning anything last minute while you’re on your way. If you don’t let all the participants in on the logistics reasonably beforehand, you might end up blowing your surprise. If you do plan to have multiple people involved, make sure they’re people you can trust to keep a secret and let as few people in on the plans as possible. The less people that know the plan the lower the risk, be sure to talk through your plans with your photographer so they’re in the loop on who else will be present for your proposal in Chicago.

5. Celebrate!

Put together a plan that embodies you and your love. You can make restaurant reservations, celebrate with family, or have an intimate day out with your love. You’ll want to have some sort of celebration well-planned in advance, but you can also have time set aside to do something spontaneous, walk around, relax, and do whatever you and your love desire. No matter what set aside some time for a planned or unplanned activity after your proposal in Chicago so you can really celebrate this huge moment in your lives!

That covers my 5 tips for planning your proposal in Chicago! For a look at one of my proposals in Chicago check out this proposal at North Avenue Beach, and if you’re looking to book me for your proposal head to my contact page here.

March 30, 2023

Sreeja Ankam

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